How to sabotage your software development with agile – 10 pro tips for guaranteed success

21 years after the development of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, which originally aimed to bring software development back into the spotlight, we shifted focus once again. Nowadays, the software development industry is saturated with agile practices and methodologies.

Instead of inventing exotic meeting structures and distracting developers with excessive synchronization, it’s time to revert to the basic principles that uncover the real potential of agile software development. This approach enables economies of speed, reduces uncertainty and drives innovation. If however you just aim to follow the newest trends and inventions of the agile industry, we offer 10 fool-proof and entertaining strategies to follow that totally screw up your software development.

We strive to reveal agile overhead and reduce agile practices to the essentials in order to bring the art of agile software development back into focus.