Escape from the brownfield Swamp –
Digital Transformation Strategy
to enable Flexibility and Speed

Historically, IT departments were often seen as cost-centers, not uncommonly reporting to the CFO. As a consequence, the primary focus and culture of IT departments revolved around cost and efficiency increases. With the Digital Transformation, the role of IT has expanded to digitally transforming existing business models or even creating new ones. This drives the need for flexibility and speed.

Microservices, DevOps and the Cloud are commonly accepted enablers in this context, but most Architects, CIOs or IT Mangers do not share the privilege of launching on a green field. The real challenge relies on transforming the existing legacy landscapes full of tech debt, unintentional easter eggs and intertwined interfaces.

Thanks to tight coupling, it feels like playing Jenga. You touch one brick and are pretty lucky if you do not wreck the whole complex.

How do you find the ideal split between
  • state-of-the-art architectural patterns and stable monolithic architectures
  • paying back tech debt and creating new business value
  • reducing costs and increasing the speed of value creation
  • precise estimation and experimentation
  • separation of concerns and cross-functionality
  • enterprise architecture governance and team autonomy
  • upskilling and recruiting new talent

We offer our strategy to master the complexity of a brownfield approach, making software engineering a cutting-edge capability of organizations.